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Pricing and Options

RHEMA GUITARS CURRENT BASE PRICE (6-string acoustic) $ 4,150   (for 12 string add $375)

Non refundable $500.00 deposit required to secure spot in waiting list for newly commissioned guitar.

1/3 of the remaining balance is due at the scheduled start date for production of your guitar.

The remaining balance is due prior to the delivery or shipment of your completed guitar.  

 NOTE: All prices are subject to change as materials and operating costs rise. If this occurs, changes will be immediately noted on this page. Existing orders will be unaffected by any price increases.

(Items below that are marked with ‘NC’ are the standard options on all sizes of ‘Base Price’ Rhema Guitars)



East Indian Rosewood, African Sapele, Honduras Mahogany  (plain non figured)  NC



Claro or Black Walnut, Black Cherry, Maple   NC


OPTIONAL TONEWOODS: (Inquire as to availability)  (All Rosewoods now on CITES Restricted List)

Bolivian Rosewood  (aka Morado or Pau Ferro) (Rosewood tonal qualities but not a true rosewood) Inquire

Ovangkol Straight Grain Figured (aka Shedua)  $300

Bubinga (beeswing  or waterfall figure)  Inquire

Makore  Inquire

Movingui / African Satinwood  (curly figure)  Inquire

Wenge Inquire

Claro Walnut (Figured) $390

Curly Maple $300

Birdseye or Quilted Maple with wild figure  $450

Honduran Mahogany  (curly or mottled figure)  $400 (Inquire for availability)

Cocobolo Rosewood (straight grain) $450 (Inquire for availability)

Cocobolo Rosewood, presentation grade high figure  $650 (Inquire for availability)

Hawaiian Koa (Acacia) or Black Acacia $450 - $1000 (Inquire for availability)

Brazilian Rosewood (inquire for price & availability, Cocobolo or African Blackwood recommended equivalents.)  



Sitka Spruce, Western Red Cedar NC

Engelmann Spruce  $175

Redwood $175 (Figured or Sinker additional $100)

Lutz Spruce (Hybrid of Engelmann, White & Sitka Spruces) $250

European Spruces - German, Italian, or Swiss Alpine Spruce $250

Carpathian Spruce $250

Adirondack Red Spruce (Mostly only 3A & 2A grade, master and 4A grade sets scarcely if ever available) $350



Hand made Natural wood with herringbone, or fiber rings. (other purfling rings add $25) NC

Mother of Pearl (MOP) rosette appointments   Inquire pricing varies



Wood  ($75 up charge for highly figured wood bindings) NC

MOP Headstock purfling  (inquire as to availability) $100+

MOP Fingerboard purfling  (inquire as to availability) $200+

MOP Soundboard purfling  (inquire as to availability) $350+

MOP back center seam strip  (inquire as to availability) $150

MOP back purfling   (inquire as to availability) $350

Wood top purflings: Herringbone, Western Block, Rope, End Grain, or Multi-line NC

Snakewood bindings (each piece) 4 per body, 6 with bound fretboard  $35 each   Inquire for availability



Standard Bone Nut     (width 1-11/16" or 1-3/4")  NC

Custom Nut widths & profile shapes available upon request NC

Mahogany, Black Cherry, Spanish Cedar, Maple or Walnut NC

Multi line Exotic Woods Neck    (3, 5, or 7 pc. Inquire for specifics) $275

Ebony or East Indian Rosewood head plate NC (for other options inquire)

Bound head stock (Wood or Fiber) $100

Bound head stock with purfling $150

Standard Rhema Headstock (2 older designs no longer available) NC

Slotted open style Headstock $300

Gotoh 510 silver chrome tuners  NC

Gotoh 300 series sealed silver tuners  NC

Gotoh 510 Gold tuners  $75

Gotoh 510 tuners with Black buttons   $120

Gotoh vintage style open-back silver tuners on any body style NC

Gotoh tuners for 12 string  $150

Gotoh Black buttons for 12 string tuners  $100

Gotoh gold finish for 12 string tuners  $175

Kluson vintage style tuners closed or open back (Nickel Silver) NC

Kluson vintage style tuners closed or open back (Gold) $50

18% Nickel / Silver fret wire  NC      EVO Gold fret wire  $75

Stainless Steel fret wire  $150

Hemispherical fret end treatment  NC

Custom Tuner Buttons  (ex:Cocobolo, Snakewood, etc) $100 ($175 for 12 String)

For pricing on other brands please inquire (Waverly, Sperzel, etc.)



East Indian Rosewood, Ebony, Walnut  (Standard Rhema shape) NC

African Blackwood $50

Standard 2-1/8", 2-1/4" or other string spacing available NC

Bridge pins (Boxwood, Ebony, Rosewood, Ivoroid, Graphtec) NC

Vintage bone bridge pins (6 string)  $50

Vintage bone bridge pins (12 string)  $100

Vintage bone saddle NC

Pinless Design (only offered for Spruce tops) $175



East Indian Rosewood, or Morado  NC

Ebony  $85

Other woods (Inquire)  

Bound fret board edges  $75

Bound Fretboard with purflings  $100

Vintage bone nut  NC

TUSQ or graphite nut  $50



L.R. Baggs ™ Anthem Tru-Mike    (Rhema Recommended)  $450

K&K Sound Power Blend Pure (w/ Pure western + Under saddle Piezo)  $480

K&K Sound Power Blend Pure Trinity system (w/ internal microphone)  $575

Other pick-ups available upon request (Inquire)  


Standard Hard Case is included with your Rhema  N/C

Hiscox Cases recommended for upgrade. (Inquire for price and availability.)

(We consider Hiscox Cases 2nd to none for combined thermal and crush protection. And they're lighter in weight!)


Wedge body shape  (Bass side at lower bout narrower than Treble side by ½") $500

Dual-scale fingerboard  (An ergonomic design favored by some finger stylists. Does slightly affect tone.)  $750

Body cutaway, Venetian (rounded)  $475

Body cutaway, Florentine (pointed)  $650

Side sound port, oval or round shape  $50

Side sound port, custom hand cut shapes  $250

Arm Bevel  $475    

Rib Bevel  $500



Post Catalyzed Royal Lac Finish  NC (ECO Friendly)

Crystalac Waterbased  Lacquer Finish  N/C (ECO Friendly)

Solarez UV Cured Lacquer N/C (ECO Friendly)

French Polish hand applied spirit varnish Soundboard only - $450,  Entire guitar - $900 (ECO Friendly)

All Industrial Solvent Based Lacquers and Finishes $650

Sunburst finish on Soundboard $295   Sunburst finish on sides and back  $395

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