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Welcome to the Rhema Guitars Blog Community!

We are a group of enthusiastic bloggers who share thoughts and opinions on the web with informative and helpful words and images. The creative people of this community can vary from professional bloggers to writing aficionados, business owners and everything in between.


In our community, we actively discuss trends, interesting topics and offer constructive feedback. We encourage you to share your thoughts and contribute to any of the ongoing discussions in a friendly and cordial manner.


This is your place to not only reach out to other enthusiasts like yourself, but communicate directly with the Rhema Blog team. All community members are free to share their honest thoughts and opinions - we want to hear them!  However, your comments and posts should always be respectful.



Our Code of Conduct

  • Don't harass or troll other members. Refrain from posting anything abusive, vulgar or hateful. This type of behavior has no place in this community and will not be tolerated.

  • Don't post anything discriminatory. We don't discriminate against sex, race, gender, religion or disability. Everyone is welcome.


  • Don't duplicate other people's work. In other words, no plagiarizing. And make sure you have the right to share what you post.


  • Don't spam here.


  • Do respect other people's right to privacy.


  • Do respect other members of the community. This is a place to exchange ideas and foster meaningful, genuine communication.

We will remove posts, comments or members who do not follow these guidelines.



The Rhema Blog Team

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