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Audio Clips

The biggest issue with online audio clips is, for an audio clip to sound good there are many factors involved. Its clarity depends on the quality of one's speakers, sound card, software, and, or other devices and settings. That said, as  the general rule audio online seldom gives a true and accurate representation of the voice of an instrument.


The average household computer or mobile devices rarely if ever do justice to the sound of a finely crafted, and voiced acoustic guitar, as compared to hearing the instrument in person. With that out of the way, below are a few rough cut sound clips of three different Rhemas.


The Wordsong and Rhapsody clips are recorded dry, unrehearsed, with no affects. The Dread-Not has only a minimal bit of reverb and is recorded in two layers (1 harmonics and 1 finger-style) with drop D tuning. Many (but not all) makers will often ‘up the auntie’ on their sound clips with affects but it is my preference to not do so. And now on to the clips.

1st up a clip featuring Patrick Steele of Balla Dear performing an improvised percussive strumming piece he composed right here in the Rhema shop, on a Claro Walnut & Engelmann Spruce Rhema Rhapsody in standard tuning. CAD studio mic and LR Baggs Tru-Mic system

2nd up is a clip of Patrick Steele playing an instrumental of his song Cherry Tree Redge. The guitar is a Rhema Wordsong in Cocobolo Rosewood with an Adirondack Spruce soundboard. Same recording setup as above.

3rd up Josiah H playing a harmonic piece, he composed. This piece is being played in layers using drop D tuning which gives it an awesome baritone affect. 1 layer picking, 1 layer harmonics. The guitar is a Claro Walnut & Sitka Spruce “Dread-Not” LR Baggs Tru-Mic System

4th up L E Brown is playing a medley  on the same Rhapsody listed above in standard tuning. Clips recorded using an open dynamic mic, unrehearsed.

Instrumental on Rhapsody - Patrick Steele
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Cherry Tree Redge by - Patrick Steele (aka BallaDear)
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The Rhema Project - Josiah H Music
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Instrumental Miscellany - L. E. Brown
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