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Rhema Models Currently Offered

Every Rhema Guitar is handcrafted and voiced to meet the specific needs and desires of you the player. No mater your playing style or experience, we will custom craft for you a Rhema to meet and exceed your every expectation. All Rhemas are designed and hand crafted to bring you a lifetime of enjoyment. Your satisfaction is our goal.

Rhema Wordsong Shape


Our Rhema Wordsong is in a Grand Auditorium body size. Our Wordsong is a favorite for avid finger style players who have a light touch, yet also performs exceptionally well when being driven hard by flat pickers. This popular model sings sweetly in virtually every Genre of music.

Rhema Lion Shape


Our Rhema Lion is in a Small Jumbo (SJ) body size. For you who like the SJ size guitars, we’re confident that the Lion will meet your need and be a great joy to play whether you’re a finger stylist or a flat picker. The Lion is another popular model that performs well in virtually every Genre of music.

Rhema Dread Not Shape


Our Rhema Dread-Not is in a Slope Shoulder Dred body size. The Dread-Not is sure to meet and exceed your expectations for a dreadnought size guitar. It will deliver the booming bass that most desire in a Dred, and yet is perfectly able to generate a sweet balance of sound across bass, mid range, and trebles. For you who desire the loud voice of a Dred, the Dread-Not will not disappoint. Though this model is often a favorite of flat pickers (especially in the bluegrass Genre), the Dread-Not will perform well in virtually every Genre of music and style of playing all the while singing with resounding sweetness.

Rhema Rhapsody Shape


The Rhema Rhapsody is our largest guitar. The Rhapsody is similar in size to the famed J-200 Jumbo cowboy guitar. This guitar delivers all the best that any acoustic can offer in tone, volume, and satisfying all diversities in playing styles. And where a big sweet voice is needed, the Rhapsody is well able to deliver to your need and desire. This is the size that was a favorite of many artists like Jimmy Page, Bob Dylan, George Harrison, and John Denver, just to name a few. Flat pickers and finger style players alike are certain to love the Rhema Rhapsody. It’s our pleasure to announce that no matter the size(s) of Rhema you choose, they’re all able to fit the need of your preference of music and playing style.

Other Stringed Instruments Desired?
For special sizes, acoustic bass, mandolins, or other acoustic, or electric stringed instruments please inquire.
If we can't help you, we'll try and point you in the right direction.
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