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Owner Testimonies

”I own two Rhema Guitars. To own just one would be sufficient, but I am of the mindset that ‘one can never own too many guitars’, especially of the heirloom quality and immediate playability as these are!

I have a Rhema Wordsong, which is a smaller bodied guitar reminiscent of an OM or OOO sized guitar, and a Rhema Rhapsody which is basically an improved version of a J-200. I say improved because I’ve never played a J-200 that was as immediately playable and voiced as superb as the Rhema.


Both guitars are very much a part of me, as I was included in the process from start to finish. I love playing these guitars, and am pleased with the two sizes that I have. Between the two, I can easily cover any style of playing whether it be finger style, flat picking, hard strumming, and lead work

And, I don’t plan on settling with just these two guitars…I’m always thinking of the next one made by Rhema.”


Patrick Steele, TX, USA



"Bill crafted my guitar so beautifully that I was blown away the first time he showed it to me. I've so enjoyed the rich colors in the wood as well as its finish and design. I'm haunted by the sound that comes from my guitar. Every time I play I'm reminded of the gifts God gives us and His overwhelming generosity. I couldn't ask for a better guitar. I will keep it all my days. Thank you Bill. "


Alex G   CO, USA



"Watching Bill hand craft my guitar gave me a whole new appreciation for the care and quality of workmanship that goes into every instrument he makes. The sometimes exotic materials he uses elevates his creation to a work of art. All who see it are drawn, first, to its beauty and classic appearance, then they hear the deep rich tones that resonate from this guitar. It pleases me to say that I am the proud owner of a Rhema Guitar."


Sincerely, L Brown , CO, USA



”There is no factory that can mass produce a guitar with the precision and quality of an individually crafted Rhema. I have personally visited Bill’s workshop and witnessed first-hand the quality of materials and workmanship he puts into his craft. Bill’s level of guitar craftsmanship as a luthier is truly an art form and the beautiful music that my instrument plays is a testament to the love he has for his art.”


Randy B., TX, USA



Balla Dear & Rhema
Randy B & Rhema
Alex G & Rhema
L Brown
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