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Welcome to Rhema Guitars


What is it that makes a Rhema Guitar desirable?


Rhema Guitars are meticulously designed, crafted, and voiced by luthier Bill Hodge. Each guitar is uniquely created and styled to meet the specific needs of You, the player. Much time and love are into every aspect and feature of Your Rhema Guitar with extreme attention to all details from the least to the greatest.


Our guitars are all built to order, one by one, which allows for total focus in every area of Your guitar’s creation. Our goal is to build You the instrument of Your dreams and that it be a blessing to You and all who hear You play.

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Handcrafted for You


From the brightness and clarity of spruce tops, to the sweet responsiveness and warmth of Cedar tops, every soundboard at Rhema Guitars is specifically voiced to focus and project its full acoustically sweet potential. Every Rhema Guitar is, hand crafted using only the finest quality materials.


We fashion Your guitar using only the very best soundboards, backs, and sides. All are carefully

chosen for their unique  acoustic properties and visual beauty specific to Your desire in a Rhema Guitar. Every detail is considered in the selection and crafting of each component of Your instrument keeping the specific needs of You the player in mind.

Highest quality workmanship and materials.

We choose and use only the finest and most select tonewoods to bear the Rhema name and logo. All Rhema Guitars are custom handmade to our strictest requirements and specifications. When the process is all finished to our satisfaction, we then set Your Rhema up according to Your best string action and playing comfort before it leaves the Rhema shop.

No matter whether You choose from  our "base" models, or desire to endow Your instrument with one or more of our numerous options (cutaway, cosmetically sensational woods, non-standard inlays, etc.), each instrument we create here at Rhema receives the same thorough care in voicing and craftsmanship all the while keeping You, the Rhema customer in mind.

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Here at Rhema Guitars, luthier Bill Hodge takes great joy in creating for You the player, some of the finest guitars that one can invest in today. Want to know more? Send us a message. Let’s discuss how you can acquire the guitar of your dreams.

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